Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club is a registered charity whose aim is to make our safer communities by providing a controlled area for children, young people and adults to enjoy off-road motorcycling.

By doing this we will reduce anti-social and illegal use of off-road motorcycles. We also provide social awareness and re-education programmes in Fife, which seek to change behaviour, attitudes and values ultimately contributing to Safer Communities – we can provide bespoke programmes.

With the above in mind our charity provides low-cost access to equipment and off-road riding for young people from disadvantaged areas. We recognised the value in this high adrenaline fuelled activity and use it as a means influence positive change and promote health child/youth development through motorcycle related activities.

We are still working towards an indoor, all-weather track facility.

Our vision is to replicate the excitement and all-weather capabilities of our old Steel Works Supercross at Methil. As many know, Kingdom Off-Road Motorcycle Club have been working on this goal for some years and we are slowly getting closer to it.

The Steelworks supercross catered for hundreds of motocross enthusiasts, Pro riders, beginners, novice, ranging from children all the way through to older adults. All generated income would be put back into the charity for further development and improved social benefits


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