David Paton

Project Manager and co-founder of charity Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club.

Prior to this position David worked with another Fife charity – Homelands Trust. He was responsible for the development, opening and operations of the unique facility. Homelands offers luxury holiday accommodation for people affected by disability, illness and long-term health conditions. Twelve years as a Social Worker, with the local authority developed a good foundation for the above posts.

David is still a registered Social Worker. This helps our charities approach, our programmes are knowledge and evidence based to effect positive change and social impact.

David spent 10 years in the Armed Forces encountering and managing conflict and humanitarian situations.

John McIntyre

I started my son at Kingdom Off Road some years back. Totally unaware of the good work done with police, education and social work. I joined the board of directors eventually becoming chair. I left that position to become assistant manager at the club running mental health programmes and to help bring the club out of covid. 


I quickly fell in love with the idea of helping put kids back on the right track with positive Intervention and help communities reduce anti social behaviour. I think most of us just want to make the world a better place in some small way I feel I can do this with Kingdom.


Monday to Friday helping from issues like mental health to employment.

Then the weekends just families from all walks of life just having fun together.


We do have some wonderful plans for the medium to long term. I hope you will all join us on the journey of using the sport we all love and enjoy to be used in such a positive way.


Thank you for your support over the years without you guys we can’t do the things we do.